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What to Play When She Rolls a Healer

After months of scouring the seemingly endless sea of Canadian fling dating site reviews, you not only managed to find someone near Vancouver, but she’s also got the same great taste in hobbies. Congratulations, thousands of guys wish they were you! The only problem is, although you’ve both found a game to play together, her choice of character hasn’t made it any easier to figure out the best combination that will work for the two of you while making the most of your gaming experience. What a problem to have! We’re actually kind of jealous. Don’t worry too much, though, with a little thought, we can find the solution that will suit you both best.

Figure out Why She Rolled a Healing Class

“She likes to be a healer”

There are three main reasons someone will pick a healing class. The first is they just don’t know much about the game and picked a role they can learn through watching and reaction rather than guessing and planning. If she’s new to this style of game, or doesn’t have a lot of faith in her own abilities, this is probably a big part of why she chose this role. The second reason is she wanted to make sure she was useful to you or to groups in general. In nearly every game were the role of healer exists, there exists an equally large gulf of interested parties. That is to say, you can pretty much count on needing to find a healer for most content, but having difficulty finding one due to the low numbers of people this sort of play style appeals to. The second reason is generally applicable even if one of the other two is also true. The final reason for her choosing to play a healer is that she prides herself on her ability to play such a crucial role well, enjoys the strategy involved and gets her kicks from pulling it off under pressure. Believe it or not, the third reason is actually just as common as the first too, even though most of us seem to only apply it fellow guys in this role.

It’s critical to know which of these reasons is her primary impetuous for choosing this role, as the answer will not only affect which character type best compliments her play style, but can also determine whether or not you’re headed straight back to Canadian fling dating site reviews. We mean it when we say that her comfort level and chance taking insult can make or break your time together, so take your time drawing out her reasoning before you act on it. You’ll thank us for it later.

Two Parts of the Golden Trio

“Let her practice a little bit”

One of the easiest and most common compliments to a healing class is a tanking class. In other words, you’ll be her meat shield in game. The entire point of the tank is to take the damage for everyone else and keep the monster’s attention on you alone. This is a great choice if she’s not confident with her own abilities in game and needs some time learn the mechanics as well as build her faith in herself. If nothing else, she can have faith in you and get some practice in between the two of you alone prior to needing to perform under the pressure of a full group. Starting areas are often lenient to the damage tanks can output, so you won’t start off far behind, and the easy with which you both can find groups is going to make it easy to keep leveling at a good pace later on.

Damage Classes with Pets

“She is confident and ready to help you”

If she’s okay in terms of confidence, but primarily concerned with playing something that can help you, or if you both plan to do a lot of duo leveling without another group, this can be a solid alternative. This choice, however, depends as much on your skill level as it does hers and works best when the skill levels are fairly close to one another. Playing a damage dealing class means you can probably move through quests, whatever main storyline is available and most of the flat out grinding faster than you would alone or with a tank and healer combination. It also means you probably have something of a tank when needed, since most pet classes have at least one choice that covers this role. This comes at the price of longer wait times for groups, as damage dealers are easier to come by than tanks, but works out better in the long run if your primary concern is being able to duo content together.

This option also works very well if she’s interested in player versus player combat, or PvP. Typically speaking, there is more hybridization of roles in PvP content, thus making being able to put out damage slightly more desirable than being able to take it. The sooner you can get rid of the threat, after all, the more likely you are to triumph. So unless you’re particularly fond of trudging through Canadian fling dating site reviews, we suggest matching your class selection as close as possible to her comfort and skill level. In case, you are trudging through the dating site reviews, check our comparison, we have the best sites rated on the site. Choose from the best fling dating sites and get what you are looking for.

Straight Up Melee or Caster Damage Dealer

“Melee attack is the best option”

This is only the best option if two things are true: first that you are very good at soloing content with a frail damage dealing class. Second, that the reason she chose a healer is mainly the third option. That is to say, she’s incredibly good at what she does and likes the strategic aspect of the gameplay a great healer thrives on. If either of these two requirements aren’t met, you can expect a good deal of frustration in the future, so be absolutely brutally honest with yourself when it comes to your own skill level and how comfortable you are with things like swapping agro between the two of you in lieu of a proper tank and relying on PvP and primarily solo content to get the most out of any session you both decide to play.

When you pair a pure damage dealer with a pure healing role, you’re increasing the challenge of duoing content. While the tank and healer find groups easily and the pet class and healer can cheat someone with tankable pets, the damage dealer and healer have no such easy fall back for difficult content. That means a lot of strategy for hard hitting mobs and a lot of patience and willingness to find other things to do to pass the time when you do have to wait for a group. The end result, however, is well worth the increased difficulty. Overcoming a more challenging obstacle together is far more engaging than trudging slowly through content. Outwitting the computer AI instead of playing to the traditional triumvirate of the healer, damage and tank can prove a more exciting over all accomplishment. Wiping the floor with enemy players in PvP is a thrill all of its own, but when combined with an increased level of challenge that comes with pairing two fragile classes together, you won’t regret taking on the additional difficulty and triumphing in the end.

Tips for Promoting Your Online Training Product on Facebook

Even though, Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media sites in the world today, it can’t compete with Facebook. With well over a billion users, Facebook remains a social media giant. For many demographics and target audiences, it’s still the most effective social media platform. Unfortunately, if you’re using traditional direct mail marketing techniques and even marketing techniques from less than two years ago, your online training product promotions probably aren’t as effective as they could be.
Nowadays, you can use some cheap advertising tricks to promote your product. If you are using unbounce to promote your online training product, make sure that you understand its consequences as well. Here are some other things to bear in mind to increase the effectiveness of your online training product advertising campaigns.

Only Post Content of Interest


“If your content is unique – everyone will read your blog”

Before you post or share anything, ask yourself whether that content will be of any interest to your target audience. Often times, businesses can become so excited with their new products and all the wonderful things that they have to offer that all they think about is how they can promote an online training product or eBook. In some cases, that content won’t be of interest to your target market. They may be tired of hearing about the latest sales and deals. Instead, make sure that you share common they will find interesting. Providing quality posts makes it more likely that they’ll read the content, and then when you do post information about something that’s for sale, they’re more likely to take the time to read it.

Ask Questions


“Ask questions and get more people involved”

Facebook lends itself naturally to conversations. In this, it has the advantage over Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and others. In fact, this conversation quality is part of the reason that Facebook still retain so many of its users, despite the fact that more than 60% of the Millennial Market reported to the Pew Research Center that they were dissatisfied and frustrated with the current Facebook. Many young adults and teenagers feel that Facebook has too many older people, and so they’ve made it clear that if another social media site should develop that offers similar features to Facebook but is more exclusive, then they’re gone. The good news for you is that that conversation feature is precisely what you can use to increase your effectiveness when promoting your online training product.
Take the time to ask questions. So long as the questions are not obviously rhetorical, most people see questions as an opportunity to start a conversation. Inviting your followers to share their opinions can be a great way to connect with them. You can also gain valuable information on your target audience through asking questions. For instance, if you decide that you want to promote your online training product, you might actually asked the question of what your customer base would like to see as a promotional activity. Go through their responses and see if you can use any of them. This can help increase your effectiveness significantly.

Provide Lots of Variety

People on Facebook want lots of variety. Posting the same thing over and over again won’t necessarily increase your popularity. Instead, link to and provide a variety of content. You can use all kinds of information products including

  • Blog posts
  • Photos
  • Press releases
  • Videos
  • Links to complementary services and sites
  • Coupons
  • Infographics
  • eBook teasers
  • editorials
  • opinion pieces
  • published articles
  • tip sheets

By providing regular high quality variety, you increase the likelihood that people will not only follow you, but that they will actually come to your Facebook and website to find out what else you’re going to be posting. Curiosity can be a powerful thing, and when your customers know that you will be giving them a lot of interesting information, you can bet they’ll be back.

Keep Them Wanting More


“Don’t give away everything- tease them with teasers and trailers”

Tapping into the natural curiosity is one of the best ways to promote your online training product. While you don’t want to oversell your product, it can be very effective in developing a certain amount of hype. As you are developing the course, let your potential customers know about it. Don’t reveal all of the secrets, but let it build up instead. Give them hints and teasers to whet the appetite. Make sure that you keep them wanting to know more about this newest and greatest product.

Let Them Write Back


“Wait for them to respond”

Not all of the conversations that start on Facebook are positive or even beneficial. While it may be tempting to remove all negative reviews or contradictory responses, avoid this. You need to let people write back, or else you run the risks that people think you’re censoring them. While you don’t have to worry about First Amendment issues because you’re not the government, such a perception can ruin your brand. Take negative reviews and negative feedback as an opportunity to demonstrate once more why your brand is valuable.
The one exception to not removing posts is when the content is highly offensive, slanderous, or offends the policies stated on the site. Make sure that those standards are clearly stated, or that they are in line with Facebook standard for removal.

Don’t Share Twitter Posts; Customize Everything You Post on Facebook for Facebook

Whatever you do, don’t just share Twitter posts. Your Facebook followers will know that you’re being lazy. Even though a number of average consumers do this on a regular basis, you aren’t just a regular person. You are representing yourself as information product developer, a professional, and an expert. You have to demonstrate a higher level of proactivity as well as professionalism. Customize everything that you share on Facebook for Facebook.

Run a Creative Contest Option


“A creative contest would engage the attention of your potential customers”

People like to win things, and there’s a reason that some of the most popular booths and activities at carnivals generally involve a contest or a game that includes a prize. You can capitalize on this by offering your own creative contest. The “tell us why you love us” contest has been done a little too much, but you might consider trying one that has more a exciting angle. Consider hosting a contest for the most imaginative image or a flash fiction story contest relating to the most surprising event in someone’s life. You may even be able to use this contest to get additional content for your website if you make one of the prizes the potential to be published on your website. Come up with other creative ideas that reflect your course, and to further promote the course, consider offering first place and perhaps even second through fourth a free course or information product.

Set a Discussion Theme

Getting a conversation starter on Facebook can be a very effective tool to promote your online training product. But sometimes people don’t always know what to talk about. If you just open up a Facebook post with the question for what’s on everybody’s mind, you might not get any good responses. Instead, consider setting up a discussion theme. Announce the beginning of the week but at a certain time at a certain point in the week; you’ll be talking about a certain subject. To increase the promotional value, make sure that it relates to the subject your online training course will be addressing. Then take the time to actively engage in the conversation. You may also want to have some high quality links and articles that may be useful in this discussion.

Convincing Your Partner To Swing When They’re Not Sure: Pros & Cons Of Forcing The Issue

“Convince your partner to come along with you to swing”

“Convince your partner to come along with you to swing”

Many persons are married or involved in some other relationship and have been thrilled by the idea of swinging. Unfortunately, the thought is far easier than fact. Most are daunted by what their loved one might think about the suggestion. If you are looking at swinging for what you may consider the right reasons, but have not the slightest idea how to propose the idea to your better half, then this information might interest you. Swinging can be an advantage or a disadvantage in your relationship. But until you get the general idea and explore the benefits and other possibilities, avoid joining swinger dating sites. Swinging should be looked at as an enhancement of an already good relationship. It is a way of exploring your sexual options and keeping your sexual drive alive. Make sure that you are completely certain about why you want to join the swinging lifestyle. Some persons might not agree with your proposed lifestyle, and in case your partner is a bit reluctant, you do not have to be fazed by his or her initial unwillingness. There are ways to convince your partner to swing when they are not sure. We will explore the pros and cons of forcing the issue.

Make Sure That This Is What You Want before You Begin

“Make sure you both are ready for swinging”

“Make sure you both are ready for swinging”

Couples make a rather mindful decision to partake in swinging. Whether or not they understand the swinging lifestyle, they know precisely what it means to be a swinger. Each person has his or her own impression on the matter which may cause some disagreement between couples. If your partner is willing to learn more and explore the possibilities, then maybe you could consider joining some swinger dating sites. Of course, there are swinger clubs almost everywhere, and private hookups can be arranged as well. The way you relate to each other will be a determining factor on the direction of your decision. Even though swinging is a lifestyle that seems to be growing in popularity, getting a partner to even consider taking part is not easy. And even though it can be tempting to push the issue continually, it is probably not a good idea. Forcing the issue may cause frustration and may also cause your partner to give-in to your idea unwillingly. This is where the problems are prevalent. Unwilling partners end up regretting their decision and may feel cheated on after a while. In the end, all that is left is broken hearts and broken relationships. It is important that there is mutual agreement, especially when it comes on to sexual matters in a committed relationship.

Communicate Your Intention Well

“Discuss in detail about swinging with your partner”

“Discuss in detail about swinging with your partner”

First of all, in order to become successful at swinging there has to be an unusually high level of dialog and trust in your union. Swinging isn’t a substitute for your personal relationship, it should be more of an enhancement. Swinging should not become a replacement of your current sexual relationship. If this happens, you will be headed for trouble. Make sure you discover methods to expand your communication. The best way to accomplish this is to take into consideration the most important thing to your companion. Just what are her or his values? Once you know what’s important to them you can easily converse in the most meaningful. Here is an example, in case your companion is the type of individual who is very careful, it is advisable to recognize that in your collective experiences. Take the time to share your experiences and express your love and feelings for him or her. Let them know that regardless of what happens, you care deeply for their feelings. You should aim to be as genuine and honest as possible about your intention. The main reason why many persons fail to accept the swinging lifestyle is because they believe that they might lose their loved one to someone else. Your partner should know that swinging is a way to explore other sexual forms and it can play a positive role in bringing life to a relationship. Coercing may do no good in the long run, but simple communication can make a world of difference.

Increase Intimacy in Your Current Relationship

“Bring sensuality into your relationship and communicate more with your eyes”

“Bring sensuality into your relationship and communicate more with your eyes”

As soon as your communication about the matter has improved, the following phase is to boost the amount of sexual activity in your relationship. Sexual activity is one thing that for several lovers withers over the years. The time has come to re-energize your intimacy. You could start this in small steps. Reminisce in the start of your relationship. What were a few of the things that you enjoyed doing together that were very passionate and that your companion appeared to love? It may well have only been a simple kiss on a sensitive part of your body or touching and caressing each other in certain ways perhaps. Maybe you conversed in a particular tone of voice that turned him on or used extremely sensual words. Attempt to bear in mind the things that made your relationship the most sexually satisfying in the past years. Now is a great time to re-introduce them into the relationship. Experiment and explore your bodies once more and subtly introduce the idea of swinging. Swinger dating sites might come in very handy in this occasion. Visit some sites with your partner, browse potential mates and discuss what personalities you would each prefer in a swinging relationship. Browse people of various characteristics and discuss the qualities you would like in swing partners. You must read the reviews of personals sites. Visit and read the reviews of swinger dating sites. You can find ideal swing partners online. These swing partners can be other couples, singles, sexually opened people, professionals and more. The possibilities are countless and exploring your options together could be a wonderful adventure for you and your partner. Continue to be intimate with your partner. The more intimate you are, the more they will realize that your intention is pure and solely for the betterment of your relationship.

Begin the Adventure and Judge the Reaction

“Let the intimacy be the starting point of your adventure”

“Let the intimacy be the starting point of your adventure”

Increased intimacy results in increased sexual chemistry. This is the phase where you both can get started on your sexual adventures. Your companion should feel loved, admired and appreciated by you. He or she should realize that there is not a thing that you would do to harm them or make them unhappy in any way. Respect is the key to gaining the trust of a loved one. Once your merits are earned, exploring carnal fantasies such as those that involve others become a genuine possibility. Start off very slowly. Swinger dating sites are free and easy options for viewing swinging couples together. Another idea is to perhaps go out together to a nude beach or holiday resort. There are many of these beaches locally and all around the world. If you can afford it though, a nice vacation could start things off pretty easily. Introduce the idea by discussing some of your fantasies. Begin on a low key and progressively get stronger. Share each other’s fantasies and desires, start talking openly to each other and explore subjects that you could possibly bring to reality. During this time, evaluate his or her reaction. Talk to other couples, skinny dip together and have a good time together while your bodies are exposed. This will undoubtedly help to make the transition a bit easier as your partner gets more comfortable sharing his or her body with others. It might take a while, but it is possible to subtly get your partner to accept a swinging lifestyle.

Another great idea is to visit a strip club with your partner. Have a drink, talk and enjoy the dance and music. Discuss the beautiful display of bodies with each other and talk about what you both like or dislike about the dancers. If you are daring enough, you might want to go a step further and request a lap dance. If your partner objects, then maybe she is not ready for the swinging lifestyle yet. If she accepts and enjoys seeing another woman sitting on you, then she is probably ready to explore other sexual adventures. Of course, there are other ways to get your partner to accept the notion of swinging, but indirect sexual interaction is best as you will know his or her opinion quite clearly.

Chances are your lover might also have considered swinging as something to try some day. Nevertheless, despite having a partner who doesn’t seem especially sexual, by simply introducing enhanced dialog, stronger intimacy, a lot more sexual chemistry, love and respect can go a long way. Explore the various ways to get your partner to turn from reluctance to willingness. Remember that there are advantages to swinging that could benefit your relationship. There are also negative consequences if you push your partner too hard. Whether you choose to utilize swinger dating sites or actual places and people, introducing the idea in the right way is the way to go. In the long run, you may be amazed at the favorable response you get. All of us are sexual creatures and for a number of couples swinging is just another way of putting more flavor and love into their own union.

Could You Be Suffering From An Online Dating Burnout? How To Tell – And Avoid It


“Are you suffering from Online dating fatigue?”

There are millions out there online looking for someone to be their partner in life, but success can be elusive to most. If you’ve been dating online for quite some time now and have yet to find your soul mate, you could end up with a relationship dysfunction called online dating fatigue, or ODF. It’s a condition when, instead of looking forward to logging on the dating site, you start feeling negative vibes, expecting to come across another nerdy fellow with crappy sentiments, or just finding everyone you meet online a waste of time. It’s no different from a work burnout in the office or home chore. With ODF, you start asking yourself if it’s worth the time.

What causes online dating burnout?


“Not being able to find an ideal partner could be a reason”

When it comes to finding the right person to please both your mind and heart, it’s not uncommon to feel frustrated in the real world. While the internet offers a wider and more varied set of options, it often will require you to go through a tedious trial and error process to have online dating sites compared so that you can focus your search effort on just a few. Here is a new ranking list by which shows the legit online dating sites. And, as you have already gone through the process of getting online dating sites compared, you can now just cross reference them to the legit sites. Once you’ve identified one that you think has promise, it won’t be long before boredom and frustrations sets in when the people you meet online end up being the kind you would dump in the real dating world. In the meantime, pressures at work and home life won’t help since they can leave you stressed out even before logging onto your dating site. Here are some of the things that could lead you to online dating fatigue or burnout:
(1) You’ve been sending emails to several prospects and the replies come in trickles. Either this or you’re setting messages from people who can’t spell the words right, make typos everywhere, and simply can’t understand what they are saying.
(2) You’re on the same dating site for the last 6 months and haven’t found anyone worth your time. When this happens, chances are you could be on the wrong dating site and you will once again have to go through some elimination process to get online dating sites compared.
(3) Your online dates fall short of expectation. Two things, you’re too picky, or they can’t keep up with your emotional and intellectual level. Chances are, you just have too high a threshold or standard for accepting an offer of relationship. With high expectations, there’s a higher likelihood of getting disappointed. Your profile could be aping your CV complete with a list of academic accomplishments along with your wish list that is so long, your prospects would mostly likely be intimidated and could end up looking elsewhere.
(4) You’ve gone on too many disappointing real world dates. Once you’ve passed the email and phone stage, meeting the person behind the online dating profile is the last stage. But if this stage ends up to be a recurring failure or disappointment because the real person doesn’t look like the attractive photo on his or her profile, or that there simply is no romantic chemistry between the two of you, this can easily lead to ODF.

Signs of online dating fatigue


“You get bored and irritated easily”

Just as athletes and office workers get muscle fatigue at the end of the day, online dating denizens are no less susceptible to online dating fatigue or burnout. Here are some of the major red flags to indicate that you are suffering one:
(1) You start complaining to your inner circle of friends about your disappointments with online dating. An occasional mention of your failures with online dating can kick off a funny conversation with your friends online or off. But when the topic becomes a common or frequent fare every time coupled with expressions of boredom and exasperation, you are in a burnout state. As they say, misery loves company.
(2) You start assuming everyone you meet on the dating site is full of crap and expecting every online date to be a disappointment. This is easily the worst burnout symptom as it affects the way you deal with and treat people in your online conversations.
(3) Fear overtakes excitement when meeting someone from an online dating site. You probably won’t even proceed meeting someone when fear starts to take the better of you. What used to excite you with expectation of a romantic interlude is now a fearsome endeavor.
(4) You’re tired of being creative with your introduction emails. Boredom can sap you of your creativity energy to be interesting, humorous or witty in your introduction emails. You now consider it an imposition, a mechanical routine and making the effort to find your soul mate has taken the backseat in your lifestyle. In short, with several disappointments piling up, you have effectively given up.
(5) You have become difficult to contact. Because you no longer spend as much time on your online dating site, not only are you no longer actively looking, but the people who want to get in touch with you find it increasingly difficult to do so. Having a busy work life is understandable, but people in search of a soul mate would allocate the time for it. If you start to find the process an imposition, rather than an exciting endeavor, you have ODF and you end up with little or no time to be available to the person who might just be the one you’re looking for.

Things to do to cope with, avoid, or overcome ODF


“Get back into the dating game after spending some with yourself”

If any of these signs of online dating fatigue start to wear you out, know that you’re not alone. For every 1-2 people who achieve their online dating objectives, there are dozens or even hundred who don’t, many of whom get frustrated or suffer from the fatigue discussed above. Often, overcoming the causes that led to ODF as discussed above can put you back in shape. Here are a few suggestions on how best to deal with online dating fatigue.
(1) Take the time off to review your situation. This doesn’t mean you should abandon online dating completely. Just like a weekend vacation can refresh your mind and spirit for the next week’s work, consider just taking a break from the daily tedium trying to establish a worthwhile online relationship. This is no different from taking a retreat or a sabbatical to re-assess your priorities in life, or discover what you’re doing is right and what’s blocking your success.
(2) Take stock of your personal standards. You might be having some high standards bordering on being a perfectionist which you may need to bring down. Remember that people are not perfect and most of the people who go online to find someone in cyberspace are often a failure in real world relationships.
(3) Know what refreshes and relaxes you. Everyone has a way or preference that would give them a fresh head start, relax or simply boost their drive. Extroverts tend to get recharged just by being around friends in the real word, not just in Facebook, while introverts find relaxation just watching a movie alone or reading a good book. Intellectuals tend to find science exhibits refreshing while creative people may find some artistic hobby in painting, photography or even cooking a way to relax. Nature lovers need to go hiking or work in the garden. Identify your boosters and employ them often.
(4) Don’t limit yourself to just one dating website. Internet dating can be likened to real estate sales where you pick up on leads to get your property inventory moving. Over time, even as short as a month, those leads can get stale. You need to get a new set of leads. In online dating, that means having new online dating sites compared more frequently than before. The people at the end could be doing the same thing so that the right person for you could be a moving target.
(5) Laughter is the best medicine. This is not another overused cliché but has been scientifically proven to work in re-energizing physical, mental and emotional states. Laughter has been used to let people’s guard down and make them more receptive to novel and even strange ideas. It relieves stress and releases tension and is often the cheapest way to get over one’s fatigue or tiredness with an infusion of fresh positive disposition.
(6) Log on to your dating site whenever you feel on top of the world. Success breed success and when you have the right attitude and disposition, online dating can be a rewarding effort. Log on when you’re brimming with enthusiasm and your words will reflect that to attract the right people. On the other hand, if you feel tired or had a bad day at the office, your negative vibes will just show in your online dating words.


Just like muscle fatigue and work burnout which can be successfully dealt with, online dating fatigue should not be left to ruin your chances of getting the soul mate of your dreams. Just like in any worthy effort, you can’t always expect smooth sailing and the disappointments you meet along the way can be more of a lesson that piles up to make you more mature, more discerning and more competent in meeting your objectives. The same applies to online dating. If you’re not happy with your current dating site, nothing prevents you from getting more online dating sites compared anew. If you have high standards, make them more down to earth. Step back, relax and rejuvenate yourself with activities you love to do. Then go back to online dating with a fresh and more rewarding disposition. Failures are no barrier to getting things done. Getting online dating fatigue or burn-out is no excuse to stop pursuing your dream mate.

5 Cool Apps You Haven’t Heard of

A smartphone isn’t complete if it doesn’t have the apps that you need. New apps are launched regularly. Those that are made by the biggest names in the industry are the ones that you know about the moment it’s launched. Mobile manufacturers and internet giants know they can make lots of money by creating the right apps. Some apps are very popular and almost everyone is aware of their existence. Some apps are not as popular, and perhaps you’ve never heard of them yet. They don’t get the attention they deserve. They’re left behind by apps that are promoted properly. Here are the 5 hottest apps you haven’t heard of and are definitely worthy of your consideration:

  1. App Gratis

The app gives you at least one free app every day. If it’s not free, then you can expect it to be offered at a lower price. What’s more is that it’s completely legitimate. You’ll get to know the newest apps and you can get them for a good price and sometimes you can have it for free.

  1. Tube Box

It’s a great app that stores your favorite videos. You don’t need Internet connection to play them over and over again. It’s why a lot of people consider it as the best app ever. It’s such a great choice for parents who want to play videos to show to their children repeatedly.

  1. Maps+

It’s a good addition to your phone that makes use of Google’s navigational software plus several other functions. Users can add alerts that are based on location. They can plan routes for several destinations. Although Google will eventually expand the functionality of its app, Maps+ is definitely a good alternative for now.



  1. Naked Browser

Although it can’t compete with Google Chrome, it is still a nice app. It has a simple interface and doesn’t have features found in other browsers that you don’t really need. This saves memory and makes page load quicker. It’s great for older or cheaper gadgets that have slow processors.

  1. i.TV

It’s a cool app that serves as your entertainment guide for upcoming TV shows. It also serves as a TiVo remote. It’s easy and fast to find programs using the app. You can buy movie tickets, watch trailers, and share what you’re currently watching with friends on Twitter and Facebook.

Stages of interactive TV and TV on-demand (IPTV), Smart TV, Social TV, and Second screen, we are finally entering the era of nomadic screen

Stages of interactive TV and TV on-demand (IPTV), Smart TV, Social TV, and Second screen, we are finally entering the era of nomadic screen

Check out these apps and think about adding them to your phone. And once you do, make sure to check other apps. Don’t limit yourself to the most popular apps or to the Top 25 on the list. There are instances when you have to spend some time to find the apps that you need. Don’t worry; with all the apps available, you’ll surely find the perfect one and you’ll be glad you took the time to search for them.

Questions To Ask Her On A First Date

First dates can be a little nerve-wracking, especially when awkward silences set in. There are many different questions you can ask her, but you need to choose the ones that can keep the conversation going and make that date memorable. Here are some questions you can ask her during that first date.

1. How was your day?

Ask your date about her day and inquire what she was feeling hours before you met. The answer might reveal plenty about how the individual deals with stress and what little things the person cherishes.

2. What’s the best meal or drink you’ve ever had?

You can ask her, what is the best date meal she has had so far? This might lead to an interesting story instead of a one answer. You may also ask, what is your go-to dish to bring to a potluck? Do you make it from scratch, or do you bring something store bought? Make sure you buy one for her.

The “Go on a date with me? Yes, No, Maybe” still makes girls smile

The “Go on a date with me? Yes, No, Maybe” still makes girls smile

3. How do you define success?

After you’ve talked about careers, hobbies and free time, ask about success. What does it look like? Maybe your date has a career benchmark she’s hoping to reach before she turns 40. Maybe she wants a family and a summer home. Maybe he just wants to look back at her life with no regrets. As this question can be personal, be prepared with your own answer when you ask this.

4. Where is home?

Everyone can rattle off where they currently live and where they’ve travelled before now, but the definition of home can widely differ from where they currently pay rent. Is home where she was raised? Where does your family live?

5. Who do you go to when you need advice?

Inquire about the person your date trusts most and you’ll learn plenty about her value system and the sorts of people who are important in her life.

6. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grow up?

Get to know your date’s younger self by asking about old dreams. When did the childhood dream change? What would her younger self think about the present day version?

First Date Tips for Men: How to Get Her Back to Your Place

First Date Tips for Men: How to Get Her Back to Your Place

7. What’s your most valuable possession?

Asking about the tangible things your date values will help you discover your date’s priorities, passions and pursuits. For example it might be a photograph or a car. Maybe it’s a tiny trinket that represents a cherished person or memory. Putting your date on the spot might make the first answer an awkward one; let her amend the answer as the night goes on.

8. Who is the most fascinating person you know?

Get to know the people in your date’s life by asking about the most fascinating one. What qualities make a person so interesting? How does your date interact with the person? Hearing your date brag about someone else might reveal more about her than a series of direct personal questions would.

9. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?

Instead of prying into past heartaches and failures, give your date an opportunity to share struggles any way she so chooses. What obstacles does she define as the hardest? How did they overcome or survive the struggle? Even if the answer is a fun one, try to appreciate how strength was shown in weakness.

Such conversations can lead to mutual trust and respect and might also lead to a second date. The trick is to know what to ask and when.

Health Benefits of Sex Explained!

Sex is not just about having fun and satisfying your desires. It can also give you better health. When you have sex, a lot of changes occur in the body. These changes can help your achieve better health. How does a roll in the hay lead to better health? Here are some of its health benefits.

1.) It reduces stress

A study shows that people who had sex were able to respond to stress much better than those who didn’t have sex and those who engaged in other types of sexual behaviors. They are happier and tend to be more relaxed. Following an orgasm, people feel a wave of relaxation. It’s why a lot of men and women sleep after sex. They get a good night’s sleep when they have sex and feel better the following day.

2.) It can cure headaches

If your partner tells you that he or she can’t have sex with you because of headache, reply by saying that sex is the cure. It can act as a pain reliever. Oxytocin is a hormone secreted whenever you have sex. The secretion of oxytocin results in the release of endorphins (the body’s pain reliever).

Whenever a person is aroused, the level of oxytocin in the body increases. It’s also the reason why people orgasm. Studies show that pain can be relieved when oxytocin levels increase.

Health benefits of, Health benefits of just so many things

Health benefits of, Health benefits of just so many things

3.) It increases blood flow

Blood flow to the brain increases when you’re aroused. Better heart rate and increased blood flow make you perform better both inside and outside the bedroom. Your organs get a fresh dose of oxygen as well as get rid of toxins. In other words, your body will be cleaner.

4.) It increases your lifespan

They say that by reaching orgasm twice per week you will live a longer life. A hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) increases during orgasm. It boosts your immune system, repair your tissues, and give you healthier skin.

5.) It burns calories

You can burn 85 calories when you have sex for half an hour or more. Doesn’t sound much to you? Do it regularly and you’ll burn more calories. If you are more active than most people, you can burn more calories and maintain your figure.

Health Benefits of Sex

Health Benefits of Sex

Sex certainly has a lot of health benefits. This modern world can be very stressful and people barely have time for sex. No matter how busy you might be with work and other responsibilities, make sure to have time for sex. You’ll realize that the more sex you have with your partner, the more relaxed and happy you will feel. Sex isn’t happiness itself, but there’s no question that it plays an important role in giving you a good and happy life. So spice up your sex life and enjoy better health.      

5 Things To Do To Cut Back Non-Sense Expenses!

Each of us has our own likes and dislikes. We buy things we want and forget about important things because we think that the things we want are the most important ones. In this world where spending money is the most important thing to do, we should at least avoid spending on things that are not very important. For us to save money we can choose to use the alternative if not change everything. There are 5 things that add expenses to your daily budget.

1. Latte. Coffee, latte, or cappuccino are quite addictive. That doesn’t cost you much but if you do visit Starbucks 4-5 times a day, then most probably that would force you to spend more than the allotted budget just for a coffee every day. Why don’t you brew your own? That would of course allow you to spend a few minutes out of your busy schedule, but that would be a great help to save money.

2. The usage of washer and dryer every day. Tossing a few clothes in the washing machine then dry them up because you are in a hurry is very irresponsible. Why not plan a weekly washing and drying for you to save electricity? Saving energy would not just save money to pay your electricity bill but more than that you can help save our environment. If you really need that particular dress, why not wash that using your hands? A single clothes won’t eat too much of your time.

How To Save Money: The Right Formula To Save Money

How To Save Money: The Right Formula To Save Money

3. Buying clothes that are not really important. There are people who really love to buy a dress. Once they see that their favorite celebrity is wearing those particular clothes, they consider that clothes as ‘in’ or in fashion. Thus, they will also buy that dress without thinking that the dress is not for them or won’t look good on them. Furthermore, don’t just easily buy branded clothes if you use it for only one occasion. Be practical, don’t just think about getting pretty!

4. Cellphone contract. What is the main purpose of your cellphone? Is it just for chatting with friends or something that you can boast among your friends? If you are a fast talker, you can just go for prepaid. However, if you need your cell phone in the office very often, then go for post-paid.

Painless Ways to Save Money

Painless Ways to Save Money

5. Fast food launches or restaurant openings. Treating yourself once in awhile is not that bad, after all you work for you to eat the food you want or crave and buy things you really want. However, if you are saving or in a tight budget, why not pack your own lunch and drink and forget about eating in that expensive restaurant.  

How To Win Your Boss’ Impression

Getting that promotion requires the right things to do and say with too much efforts on your side. And the key people to put on your best foot forward to is your boss. Your boss has direct access to your day to day activities and has the last say towards getting you up ahead. Assuming that you already worked hard day and night to fulfill your efficient employee duties and are competent enough to be considered, these are the 10 most effective ways to impress your boss and get that recognition you are aiming for.

  1. Listen. Most of the boss wants to brag around their knowledge and accomplishments. Listen as if you are interested. You will find out eventually that he or she would want to have your companion in every work related events.

  2. Dress to impress. Keep in mind what other people in your workplace wear and succumb to their standards. Bosses see the capacity of their workers visually first before reading their portfolios. Wear something neat and professional looking so that you will stand out among your peers.

    Tips to Get You That Promotion, Straight From the Mouths of Bosses

    Tips to Get You That Promotion, Straight From the Mouths of Bosses

  3. Coming to work early when problems arise. This doesn’t mean you have to fix the problem yourself. Sometimes your boss would like to call out someone in handy to run errands or to just simply turn the coffee maker on. This is only a way to let him know that you are an impression of loyalty and service and would do anything for the sake of your company’s welfare.

  4. That little black book. Always bring with you a notebook and a ballpen every time he summons you to his office. This would make him think that you’re dead serious of the assignments that you are taking. Just be sure you work out that assignment fine.

  5. Don’t be a whiner. Maintain a professional relationship with your boss. You are not close enough for you to just blurt out your complains. Make him feel that you have the given situation under control. Just ask nicely for an opinion or two to help you with your case. Make it a light discussion so it may not seem that you are not competent enough to do the job.

  6. Keep your workplace free from mess. Don’t let the boss see that your work has been piling up in front of you. Organize your desk so that every time he asks you for something, you don’t have to take a minute to find it. Organized piles of workloads would also give the impression of an even organized project.

    More ways to make a great first impression

    More ways to make a great first impression

  7. Volunteer for your teammates. Offer a help with your co-workers if you are bit that busy and you see them cramming up with their workloads. Help but not assume the responsibility. This will make you popular inside the office and would also gain respect from the boss.

  8. Take initiative. If resources are not found don’t complain with the boss and make it known that you are constrained with whatever lacking in your projects. Have an initiative and be creative to fix the problem. Remember, you are assigned with the work because they believe in your “out of the box” ideas and contributions to the company.

  9. Ask questions. Don’t hesitate to ask your boss some questions. You are not expected to know everything. Make a note to all the answers you are given. It’s better to ask than to have a bad performance.

  10. Know what the boss wants. Take time to get to know your boss. Notice how he wanted to handle different types of jobs such notifying him through emails, calling for updates, or setting up appointments. This will improve your working relationship with him.

Bear in mind that you are not working for salary’s sake. You are working hard for your dreams to pursue. And this will definitely come true with the help of your boss.